AGS by Hex
Good Night

Got work in the morning so what can you do. I need sleep.


I usually only get like one re-blog or two, but yesterday I got a bunch! So that was awesome.

Merry Christmas

that is all, enjoy your day.

I like you all

I just wish that you would talk to me more! It would make me so happy. :)

Send me a message

I’m just doing chores and stuff around the house so it would be awesome if someone sent me a message for when I check back again.

Almost there

I’m excited because if I gain 9 more followers, I’ll reach my first hundred!

Good night

I gotta log off and get some rest. Good night all

Good night

Good night everyone! See you all again tomorrow hopefully, until then

Reblog And See What People Want From You!


1. A baby
2. A second chance
3. Sex
4. Kiss
5. Friendship
6. To chill
7. To cuddle
8. A long term relationship
9. A good laugh
10. An apology
11. A hug
12. Be my bitch
13. Be my sex buddy
14. Simply to be mine